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The town of Ahtopol is the southernmost town on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. It is recognized as one of the most ecologically clean beaches in Europe and one of the oldest Thracian settlements in east Strandja. It is located on a beautiful rocky peninsula, 86 km from the city of Bourgas, not that far from the Veleka river in the outskirts of the wondrous beautiful Strandja mountain. Ahtopol is at 6 km south of the village of Varvara, 5 km north of the village of Sinemorect, 17 km north of the village of Rezovo and 6 km east of the village of Bradilovo. West of the town is raised the top of the hill Bosna – Pamiya (501m).
The town of Ahtopol has splendid history. According to some legends the town is named after the favorite granddaughter of Zevs – Agata and to other legends is named after the Byzantine military commander Agaton – Agatopolis, which is translated from Greek as “The town of happiness” (good, love and prosperity). The symbol of the town is the owl Agao.
In this area is typical of the climate to have short and cold spring, breezy and dry summer with temperature from 20 to 26 Û« C, long, sunny and warm autumn with approximately 15 Û« C temperatures and mild and rainy winter with temperatures around 0Û« C. It is better to spend here the hottest days in the summer in comparison with inland, because of the alternating draughts of the sea breeze from land to the sea and vise versa, which rhythmical refresh the air.
The sea near Ahtopol is clean of mechanical and chemical wastes. The salinity of the water is 16 ‰. The temperature of the sea water in July and August is up to 24 – 25Û« C. It is nice and warm till October, which increases the tourist’s season.
 The sea shore of the town of Ahtopol is covered with fine sand and is 2 km long. The sea bed in front of the beach is sloping and almost flat. Here you can find all the facilities of the contemporary beach – attractive entertainments, restaurants and various beach activities.
Ahtopol is one of the best places for a holiday on Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is a mixture of beauty and comfort, together with one of the most attractive conditions for the tourists. In some parts of the town you can still find tranquility, which is something rarely nowadays.



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